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The entire month of January we will have a special menu exclusive for Veganuary 2021:

– Tajine & Moroccan Tea ( A whole Moroccan experience @ POTs)
– Samosas Platter (NEW FLAVORS!)

Tajine: Is a Moroccan dish containing couscous, chickpeas, and seasonal vegetables (zucchini, cabbage, carrots, butternut squash, and eggplant) topped with sweet black currants and onion mix. with a side of rose harissa and Tajine sauce. Served with a ?Moroccan tea with sage

Samosas Platter: 6 Pieces of Samosas with 3 different flavors (2 Egyptian falafel, 2 black lentils with veggies, and 2 spinach with red onions) with 3 different sauces (red bell pepper sauce, tahini sauce and Egyptian tzatziki), serve with a side of Salata Baladi.


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