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This Veganuary 2020 we’re bringing you a VERY special dish all the way from ancient Egypt:

Fateer & Feta Platter

Fateer & Feta Platter

So, what is Fateer?

Fateer Meshaltet is a flaky, fluffy, buttery bread that is insanely delicious. During ancient Egypt, it was left at temples as offerings for the gods. It literally translates to cushioned pies and it has become a symbol of hospitality in Egypt. In 2009, it was served to President Obama during his visit to Egypt. Fateer is often made by Egyptian families to give as gifts to visitors and friends as well as for holidays, weddings and other celebrations. It is said that Fateer was the inspiration for the French croissant.

This is a labor-intensive dish that is meant to be shared with friends and family.

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What’s in the Veganuary 2020 Fateer & Feta Platter?

ok, brace yourselves… This dish has the insanely addicting, labor-intensive Fateer Meshaltet, chocolate hummus, Egyptian tahini with “black honey” (sugar cane molasses), and vegan feta with mint and tomatoes. All made with 100% love in-house!

About Veganuary 2020

Curated for Vegas by the one and only Diana Edelman from Vegans, Baby Veganuary is a nonprofit organization that encourages people to go vegan during the entire month of January. Anyone can take the pledge here and receive a celebrity e-cookbook right away, and daily emails in January full of tips and advice to help you pull through the challenge.

Many local restaurants participate in this challenge, making it a lot easier for everyone to take the pledge and often create a special menu or dish for it, just like we did!